Maria and John

Marcin was our photographer on 3 rd January this year . He did the most wonderful work and we absolutely love the photos . He called to meet us before the wedding and put us both at such ease and made us feel really excited about the wedding . He took a few practice pics on that day and it really did settle the nerves about all the pics on the day . On the day itself Marcin was so professional but also so kind , fun , gentle and warm . He was so nice to be around and kept us so relaxed . He was so so patient and made it all so easy. We got our pictures this week and we are thrilled – lots of fabulous formal pictures but also so many relaxed casual pictures that we will treasure so much as they really capture the feeling of the day ! We have a dog and he was so great with him in the house too! M and M photography are incredible value for money I have to say . We now have access to hundreds of pictures and can do with them as we wish going forward . I would highly highly highly recommend !