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We love taking natural shots, capturing beautiful moments,
tears, smiles, hugs and whispers. P
lease contact us if you love that approach too :)

Marcin and Marta at the wedding :)



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Marcin from M&M Photography

Hi! My name is Marcin.

After college in 2006 I started working in a photo studio as a photo editor. In 2007 I moved from Poland to Ireland and started working in a photolab, and later in a photo studio where I did family photo shoots. In 2010 I founded M&M Photography and started doing weddings.

I have always had a strong interest in photography. I remember an experience with my dad’s camera. Unfortunately, this didn’t go very well, because I opened camera and the film had been exposed to light. So, my amazing father showed me how it works. Those are some of my most beloved memories.

Back in those days I took my camera wherever I went. I never considered photography as work. It’s my passion, and in my spare time, a hobby. When I have time, I love to photograph night landscapes. Take a look at some of my favorite photos below.


Marta from M&M Photography

Hi My name is Marta.

To me, the human face is the most interesting subject in the world. Expressions, happiness, all the emotions – I love every bit of that. My love for photography began when I was in college. I had great teacher who encouraged and inspired me to take photos. I loved photography even more when my nieces were born. I took hundreds of photos of those little angles. In 2010, I started working with my husband at M&M Photography. We started doing weddings and I loved it with all my heart!