Marlfield House Hotel in Arklow – Mary-Kate and Dave

What a fabulous time we had on a wedding of Mary-Kate and Dave! We found Mary-Kate and her bridesmaid in happy relaxed atmosphere on that lovely sunny morning. Great weather keep everyone in a good mood and allow as to take most amazing photos in a charming bride’s parents garden. Ceremony took place in Eniskierry Church  and was romantic and fun! On the way to hotel we stopped in a heart of the village to take few fantastic shots with a local monument. When we get to the hotel we were completely enchanted by the great interiors of Marlfield House Hotel in Arklow. All stunning rooms,  amazing pond and garden give as so many photographic opportunities. Mary – Kate and Dave was so easy to work and lovely, that we will remember this wedding for a long time!

Here you can enjoy the photographs from this great day: