Fiona and Conor’s wedding was a celebration filled with love, joy, and an undeniable sense of warmth.

The ceremony unfolded at the charming St. Joseph’s Church in Ballinagar, where Fiona and Conor exchanged vows in a cozy atmosphere, raindrops tapping on the church windows.

After the ceremony, the wedding party headed to the County Arms Hotel in Birr. While the rain prevented them from enjoying the gardens, the hotel’s indoor spaces provided a lovely setting. The couple, undeterred by the weather, captured precious moments in the hotel’s cozy rooms, creating lasting memories.

The friendly and professional staff at the County Arms Hotel played a crucial role, ensuring a smooth and joyful celebration despite the rain outside.

In the end, Fiona and Conor’s wedding day showcased the power of love, proving that even unexpected challenges couldn’t overshadow the warmth and joy of their special day.