Wedding in Abbey Court Hotel

Joanne and Patrick

This amazing wedding took place on 10th September 2016 in Nenagh. Since we met Joanne and Patrick on engagement session, we knew that that’s gonna be a great Day. They both were chatty and easy going, and bursting with laugh all the time :) We start at Joanne’s parents house where all her family were gathered.The ceremony was local and you could feel it as the priest make plenty of personal praises to bride and groom. After that we went quickly for some bridal party shoots close to old castle ruins, as well as visit Joanne and Patrick’s house. Then we arrive to Abbey Court Hotel, where charming gardens give us even more possibilities to great shoots. We stayed on the wedding until the dances and enjoy every minute of this Great day!

What a amazing wedding it was!

Congratulations to Joanne and Patrick!