Clodagh & Ray's Wedding at Step House Hotel Co. Carlow

Clodagh & Ray

Clodagh & Ray’s wedding ceremony took place in Boris Co. Carlow on 12th December 2015. First we have visited Clodagh at her family house. Preparations were very relaxed, everyone was welcoming, there where friends & family around. That was great start. Later on Marcin went to meet Ray at the pub in Boris. Meeting went well.. :) We have some great shots from there.
We really loved church in Boris. Ceremony was simply beautiful. The atmosphere was so nice and relaxed.. and we were able to capture some great memories.. At the end we took nice group photo from the balcony.
After the ceremony we went to the Step House Hotel in Boris, where we took lots of natural photos of the guests.
As in winter is getting darker quit soon, so we used this opportunity to take some evening romantic shots. Hotel was so pretty, all the Christmas decorations, and lights created amazing, warm atmosphere. We just love Christmas Weddings..

Here is quick sneak preview, enjoy viewing :)