Andrea and Darragh

Congratulations to Andrea and Darragh!


Ciara and Keith

Romantic wedding of Ciara and Keith took place on 12th September 2016.

We meet the bride in the hotel apartment of Kippure Estate. It was dreadful, stormy weather, so we all worried, but Ciara was in a great mood despite it all.

They have a beautiful ceremony in the marquee, and when we left it we couldn’t be more surprised. The rain was gone and lovely sun greet us all outside! We decide to use this weather and take a quick group shoot, as well as all other photos in a lovely grounds of Kippure Estate.

The day was very relaxed and we could’t be happier with natural and romantic photos of this beautiful couple!

Congratulations to Ciara and Keith!



Wedding in Abbey Court Hotel

Joanne and Patrick

This amazing wedding took place on 10th September 2016 in Nenagh. Since we met Joanne and Patrick on engagement session, we knew that that’s gonna be a great Day. They both were chatty and easy going, and bursting with laugh all the time 🙂 We start at Joanne’s parents house where all her family were gathered.The ceremony was local and you could feel it as the priest make plenty of personal praises to bride and groom. After that we went quickly for some bridal party shoots close to old castle ruins, as well as visit Joanne and Patrick’s house. Then we arrive to Abbey Court Hotel, where charming gardens give us even more possibilities to great shoots. We stayed on the wedding until the dances and enjoy every minute of this Great day!

What a amazing wedding it was!

Congratulations to Joanne and Patrick!


Colleen and John

What a beautiful wedding it was!



Wedding in Clanard Court Hotel

Laura and Mark

What a beautiful wedding it was !

Laura and Mark got married on 2nd September 2016. We knew that it will be beautiful wedding as it took place in picturesque Valleymount in Wicklow. We started in Laura’s parents house and saw breathtaking views out there. The morning was very relaxed and we gone to the Valleymount church nearly on time. After great ceremony we steel bride and groom for few romantic shoots at the lake side, and it was well worth it. We were very proud of Laura, as not every bride would agreed on a good walk on the Wedding Day. Well done! After all lake adventures, we arrived to Clonard Court Hotel and celebrations began. Great Day!

Congratulations to Laura and Mark !


Caroline and Hugh

This fantastic wedding of Caroline and Hugh  took place at Barberstown Castle Hotel on 19th August 2016.

Our bride looked like a Hollywood old glamour star, so it match perfectly with amazing castle interiors of Barberstown. We have a beautiful church ceremony and then we arrived to the hotel for reception. We couldn’t ask for more romantic couple for the photoshoot, so the results were spectacular! What a great Day!

Congratulations to Caroline and Hugh !


Emma and Stephen

What a amazing wedding it was!


Orla and Seamus

Congratulations to Orla and Seamus!


Linda and Liam

Linda & Liam’s Wedding at Bridge House Hotel Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Celebrations took place on 5th August 2016.

Linda & Liam

Romantic kiss, through the hole

We cannot put into words what our photographs means to us. We’ve spent hours looking through them, you captured the love, fun and atmosphere to our special day!
Our wedding day was extra special, it was a day we had be fighting through bad times to get to, and when that day arrived it was magical and you really captured that.
From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much , everyone that sees our photographs say they feel the love and emotion , our photographs and album will be something we will look through for many years to come. Thanks again!

Mr & Mrs Mooney.

Here is a slideshow. What a amazing  wedding it was !


Magda and Vinny

What a amazing wedding it was !