Marcin and Marta Photography Team

We are fascinated by the beautiful and breath-taking landscape in Ireland. Our aim is to communicate the true beauty and brilliance of the natural world that surrounds us through our landscape photography. We try to showcase the spirit of Ireland and its amazing landscapes through images.

Our aim is to try and communicate the brilliance, beauty, and fragility of the natural world through our photography, and to spread an appreciation for the scenery around us. We also specialize in creating framed prints of the finest quality landscapes for people to display in their homes and offices.

Although many of our landscape photographs are local to Wicklow, we also get out and about all over Ireland in the pursuit of an interesting photo. We love to travel, and we photograph landscapes in some of the most spectacular environments around the world.

All of our spectacular landscape photography can be purchased, printed and framed. Prices – €40+.

Feel free to contact us for more details on:

087 3225 572 or 087 313 6773