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We love taking natural shots, capturing beautiful moments,
tears, smiles, hugs and whispers. P
lease contact us if you love that approach too 🙂



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Hi! My name is Marcin.

I have always had a strong interest in photography. I remember experience with my dad’s camera. This unfortunately didn’t go very well, because I opened camera and film has been exposed to light. So my best dad had to explain it how does it work.. Ah.. Memories..

In those days I take my camera wherever I go. I never consider photography as my work. It’s my passion, and in the spare time – a hobby. When I have time I love photograph night landscapes. Here are some examples.



Hi My name is Marta.

To me human face is the most interesting subject in the world. Expressions, happiness, all the emotions – I love every bit of that..

My love of photography began when I was in college. I had great teacher who encouraged and inspired me to take photos.

I loved photography even more when my nieces were born. I took hundreds photos of those little angles. Here are few photos of my nieces: